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Who We Are

Khadarlis is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to working with communities, children and families to alleviate poverty and social inequality worldwide. Our organization works through strategic partnerships and applies advocacy, catalytic assistance, innovation, participatory and right-based approaches to development work. We work by promoting civic empowerment, self-help and self-sufficiency for economic and sustainable development. Our past projects have included community empowerment through building and sustaining wells, local community centers and schools, as well as supplementing medical supplies to peripheral health units.

Khadarlis was established in 2007 to assist vulnerable communities in Sierra Leone. The aftermath of the 11-year civil war had left these communities with little to no access to basic living supplies. With a passion to reduce the overwhelming poverty and displacement in her homeland, the formation of a nonprofit became the most compelling option reached for Aisha Khadar, Executive Director. With the unwavering support of Darlis Johnson, who now serves as President, they established Khadarlis after their first visit to Jimmi Bargbo, Sierra Leone and the surrounding area.

Our work started with Jimmi, Senehun, Kpawama and Bandajuma in the Bargbo Chiefdom in the Bo District of Sierra Leone. We have since expanded our outreach and currently have active projects in Sierra Leone, Guatemala and Rhode Island.

Why We Serve

Khadarlis is motivated by the fact that some of our board members have families and ties to the country and the communities we serve. We actively fight the conditions of the poor and disenfranchised as a demonstration of unconditional love for all.

Meeting Diverse Needs

The people we serve include war-affected, disabled, abandoned and exploited children, survivors of famine and civil war, refugees, and children and families in communities devastated by war, AIDS and poverty.



Our Address

105 Dodge St,
Providence, RI 02907

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